I'm Christine! A travel-addicted dreadhead, reggae loving, head in the clouds, laughs too much, thrive on feel good vibes kinda gal and I'm the artist behind The Wildfleur.  

When it comes to boudoir, my greatest desire is to show you how incredibly beautiful you are and that it's absolutely okay to love yourself. ALL OF YOU. It's not going to be an over-glamourized or uncomfortably provocative version of you. 
It's rawsensualunapologetically you. With a laidback approach, we'll create an unveiled series of artful imagery that will show off the free-spirited, bad ass babe — as you are. 

It makes me excited to know we're on this journey to self-love together. Let's do this thang!


“You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.”